Wrapping Up 2020 and Plans for 2021

I haven’t been able to publish income reports for the past two months but I’m quite satisfied with my progress. Last October, I earned $444.12 but it was a little bit less in November ($371.30).

This December, I broke the $1,000 mark. I was just expecting to double my average monthly earnings, yet the holiday season has been generous to me.

I’m starting to see my rankings go green without any link building.

Income for 2020

What a great way to end this one heck of a year!

Shiny Object Syndrome

I’ve been quite undecided throughout 2020. I’m caught in a limbo of whether to flip my current niche site and build a different one. I had a severe case of shiny object syndrome, getting sidetracked when I see new opportunities.

WIFI Niche Site

There’s this one niche site about WIFI logins. The owner of the site was able to flip it for $34K. He said that the buyer is now earning $4k a month from ads and affiliate program. If I can outperform his site, I could easily earn $5K a month, then I can flip it for $145K at Empire Flippers (after fees and commissions).

The topic is very simple, In my mind I could build the entire web property for three months. I could find an expired domain to boost my domain authority in a short period of time. Once I earned Google’s trust, I could move my content to my domain of choice.

I have it all figured out until I realized that I’m going build a low quality site. It would be impossible to get an approved Adsense account with this kind of web property.

On top of that, I realized that there are more than three thousand routers. Say I’m going to make five guides per day, five days a week tops—it would take me more than a year to finish all that on my own. I could prioritize those with high search volumes, but I’ve been quite disappointed at this point.

I don’t want to build something for the sake of earning money.

The whole thing could be solved by building an app-like interface where you can choose your router to find your WIFI admin login. I’ve seen some apps doing this. I find no value in building another WIFI login website.

Maybe I’ll keep this idea in the water cooler for now.

If you have the time and resources, feel free to build this niche site.

Musical Instrument Authority Site

This is my brother’s project. We’re building separate sites that would help us quit our jobs and hopefully achieve some degree of financial security. This would help us fund our bigger ideas without seeking external funding.

I guess it was in October when we decided to focus on his site. After a year or two, we’ll flip it, buy a house, and fund our other projects. It’s faster if we’ll focus on a single project.

One thing that made us prioritize it over my nutrition site is it has a very low competition. I did a comprehensive keyword research and majority of the terms have a difficulty rating of just under 25.

I even found a similar site at FE International that was acquired for $1.5M.

We have all the right reasons to build this web property, until we hit a brick wall. Popular musical instrument retailers did not approve him as an affiliate.

To add insult to injury, the availability of products at Amazon is horrendous since the start of the pandemic. Most of it are sold out and high ticket items are not available.

There’s no way we could hit our goal with these circumstances. We need to come up with a new plan.

By the way, his site managed to earn $300 last December, without doing anything. Maybe, we could optimize it at some point in the future and flip it.

Back to My Original Idea

After jumping from one project to another, we settled for my nutrition-focused venture. I’d like to approach it as a real business, not just an authority site. I’m going to directly compete with HealthLine but my idea is way way different.

Let’s see how it goes.

So far, we’ve written 39 highly detailed product reviews. After that we’re going to focus on recipes and blog posts, targeting keywords with significant traffic.

There are several monetization options for a nutrition website. We could do advertising, promote affiliate products, sell ebooks, sponsored posts, we could also build a freemium app, etc.

Food is an evergreen topic, everyone has to eat. In addition, it’s also easier to write articles and product reviews.

Since we don’t have that much authority yet, we’ll capitalize on on-page optimization. At the moment, our efforts are paying off and I’m positive that we’ll hit $5K a month by June 2021.

Indeed, focusing on one thing has a big advantage. Our combined efforts will result to faster realization of our goals. We just need to push ourself harder.

Moving Forward

We’re planning to move to a new domain by March, a one word generic .co business web address. I need something that can compete with the biggest brands in the nutrition industry. Once I have the funds, I will acquire the .com version for $25K. Well, maybe after I’ve paid off all my debts.

From there, we’ll slowly build the brand around popular kitchen equipments with high search volume around its niche. We should be able to publish 1000 recipes and articles if we want to hit our target.

2021 Goals

I’m just going to make this quick, here are what I’m planning to accomplish by the end of 2021.

  • Improve My Productivity – Publish 2 posts per day
  • Earn $10,000 a month by the end of the year
  • Clear all my debt
  • Help my brother quit his job
  • Help my wife quit his job
  • Lose 10 KG


2020 has been quite a year, I guess that’s true for everyone. We’ve been plagued with negative issues, people losing jobs, businesses closing, and plans getting cancelled. I know it’s been tough, but we have to keep going.

Looking on the bright side, I accomplished two things this year. I was able to quit my job and I was able to reach my $1500 goal (if we’ll combine my earnings with my brother’s).

For that, I’m still thankful.

Let’s all hope for a better year this time.

Happy new year everyone!

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