Wind Farms Affecting Some Holiday Plans To The UK

Wind Farms
Wind Farms

According to a recent survey, one-fifth of the people are saying that wind farms have affected their holiday decisions over where in the UK to go; however, more than half who took the survey didn’t agree that the turbines spoil the countryside look.

The research, completed on behalf of VisitScotland, was published one day before Donald Trump, the U.S. real estate tycoon, took his fight in opposition to the wind farms to the Scottish Parliament.

A total of 80% of the people polled in the UK and 83% of those surveyed in Scotland said that the wind farms would not affect their holiday decision about where they will stay when they are visiting Britain this summer.

When they were asked whether the wind farms spoiled the scenery of the countryside, 52.1% across the UK and in Scotland disagreed, while a further 29.3% in the UK and 28.3% in Scotland said they did not agree or disagree.

Only 18.7% in Scotland and 19.6% in the UK said that the wind farms spoil the countryside scenery.

Almost 50% of the Scots said they would want to visit a wind farm development if there was a visitor centre.

Fergus Ewing, the energy and tourism minister said that these figures show what they have known for a long-time – the majority of vacationers to Scotland do not feel the wind farms are a problem.

Ewing said that four out of five visitors feel their decision to visit Scotland would not be affected by wind farms, and added that the figures demonstrated that those who speak out against the wind turbine’s impact on the scenery do not represent the majority of potential holiday plans to the UK.