Wicker West Condo Perfect for Busy Lifestyle

Wicker West Condo Perfect for Busy LifestyleFor small-business owners Mike Thomas and Joan Harris, home is more important than a place to just stop in. It is a refuge where they can recharge after they spend long hours following their passions.

The list of things they felt they must have for their 2012 condo purchase was long and a two-story condo at Wicker West 1555 in Chicago’s West Town, was a fit for them. The 1,850-square-foot condo has something for everyone, which includes a short commute.

Thomas, is a commodities trader and a Cordon Bleu-trained chef. He will be upgrading the appliances to a “high-industrial” package.

As well as cooking for his own business, Two Chefs and a Lady Custom Catering, Thomas is also the family chef.

The essential ingredients for his house are a:

  • Convection oven for even cooking,
  • Dishwasher with a sanitizer, and
  • Gas cooktop.

He said, “Most of all, I want a calibrated oven that you can set and cook exactly at 450 degrees Fahrenheit.”

Harris likes having her home office with a rooftop deck where she grows her herbs and vegetables. She often takes the family pet German Shepard, Drago, to Humboldt Park, which is only two-blocks away.

The three-bedroom, three-bath condo also comes with indoor parking, commercial space, an intercom security system and individual storage lockers.

A single-family home is often out of the question for some couples, particularly when they are super busy and don’t have to time to shovel snow, or mow the lawn. They just need a place to come home to so they can relax.

A two-story condo with a deck offers a single-family home feeling, without the hassles. Thomas said, “It’s like having a house in the city.”


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