Verizon iPhone 4 Unexpected Bonus

U.S., 10 February 2011 – Verizon iPhone pre-order sales on February 3 to existing clients was the biggest launch ever for one carrier at an estimated 500 thousand units in one day. Today is open door to all customers and Verizon’s iPhone 4 comes with an unexpected bonus.

Independent, non-profit, magazine Consumer Reports were weighing the benefits of locking yourself into a two year contract with the purchase of Verizon’s iPhone 4. The issue is the technology of the iPhone 4 and how it is already behind other smartphones.

Consumer Reports suggested maybe waiting for the release of the iPhone 5 in the summer, just a few months from now, instead of jumping on the iPhone 4 now. Well, this is almost a non-issue now as the iPhone 4 on sale today by Verizon actually has a few tech up-grades.

The new CDMA iPhone 4 for the Verizon Network has a new dual-antenna design that delivers improved reception. It also comes with an integrated GPS chip. AT&T’s iPhone 4 sold last year had an issue of signal loss.

Verizon opens its doors to all clients for the new and improved iPhone 4. The pre-order sales last week in the first two hours proved to be Verizon’s biggest launch ever previously set at 100 thousand units for the DROID.

Apple reported 600 thousand units sold of the iPhone 4 during pre-order last year. This was done with various carriers. Last week’s pre-order sales for Verizon surpassed all estimates. Let’s see what happens today with the new and improved iPhone 4, given there’s no real reason to wait for the iPhone 5.