US Airways, American Airlines Merger To Change Business Travel

US Airways, American Airlines Merger With the deal pending to merge US Airways and American Airlines, business travellers are wondering what it means for them.

It is certain that change, is the only possible answer.

And alterations, according to some experts, isn’t  good for many business travellers, who are used to their usual frequent flier programs, connecting hubs and airline routes.

Joe Brancatelli, a business travel expert, who has an online column devoted to the subject said, “What I can see is 900 pitfalls,” and “I don’t see an upside.”

The $11-billion merger reported last week would create the largest airline in the world, serving around 187 million passengers yearly, and employ over 100,000 workers.

When the deal was announced, US Airways Chief Executive Doug Parker said that the new airline would more than likely keep all the destinations and hubs of the two airline carriers.

However, Brancatelli says he is doubtful.

He said, “When an airline tells you they are keeping everything, that is a lie.”

Even though the two carriers have very few overlapping routes, Brancatelli said US Airways and American have numerous connecting hubs in the same area, some of which would need to be removed.

He also pointed out that the airlines did not merge for the sake of passengers, they did it for their own gain.

However, executives from US Airways and American continue to stress that the deal primarily benefits frequent business travellers, since under the resources combined in the merged company, they could choose from 6,700 possible daily flights to 336 destinations in 56 different countries.

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