Upcycling Is A Creative And Cheap Way To Turn Clutter Into Spooky Spectacular

Halloween is drawing near, yet some home decor is as lifeless as Casper the Friendly Ghost. Gardens are missing human remains, and there aren’t any malevolent creatures perched on mantles or squishy eye-balls dangling from door knobs.

How can you turn your upbeat abode into an eerie creepy house?

Edmonton designer, Cory Christopher says that spooky decorations are lurking in closets, basements, and cupboards waiting to be transformed into ghoulish creations.

Halloween decorations Upcycling is amazing for this, especially for saving money. Because Halloween is so imaginative it is easy to be ghoulish with things around the house without being a perfectionist. Items with scratches or with a worn and torn look can be utilized when creating a haunted house.

Halloween decorations can be made by filling vases with treats and yummy candles. Or by reusing old ripped up handbags that can be draped with cobwebs with plastic mice looking through the holes.

Value Village and other vintage shops are great places to shop for objects that can be given a scary touch.

Local craft stores have trinkets that be easily bloodied or glittered with spray paint at a small cost.

Halloween is all about playing with the bizarreness and whimsicalness of the season, Christopher says.

It is a celebration that is fun. It allows everyone to be kiddish and dig deep inside their creativity. People can add as many creepy accents as they want and experiment with a variety of creations. Projects can be customized to everyone’s creativity and taste.

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