– Preferred Travel Insurance for JROTC Seamanship Program

trip insuranceLeaderSail ( has recommended as the best travel insurance provider for comprehensive travel coverage for high school cadets who are involved in at-sea training programs, in the British Virgin Islands.

LeadersSail trains JROTC cadets and provides programs for development training and signed the website as the preferred provider for students who participate in their programs. is the most trusted resource for helping travelers looking online for savings of 40 percent or more.

LeaderSail has been in business for 4-years and takes young women and men involved in JROTC programs to the British Virgin Islands for one-week or two-week training excursions. The seamanship training is designed to promote character building and cadet leadership skills; However, the cadets must carry some type of travel insurance, along with travel medical insurance.

Program director Wayne Walker says that when the company chose to move their on-board ship training to the British Virgin Islands, they found that the insurance coverage carried by the majority of students contained exclusions, which prevented emergency coverage in the West Indies. Even though the company hasn’t ever had a problem to date, they are aware that accidents do happen. This is why travel insurance is mandatory.

According to Walker, has the best customer service and rates for their needs, so if a student doesn’t have their own travel insurance, they know that will offer the necessary coverage.

He went on to say that can tailor packages to fit LeaderSail’s unique travel insurance requirements and makes it easy for sign up. The cadets are required to have at least $250,000 coverage for medical evacuation and $25,000 in travel medical coverage.

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