Travel Trends For 2013

Travel Trends for 2013Travel Trends 2013: Theme Parks – During the summer of 2013 we will see popular 3-D rides based on the Transformers due to the opening of the blockbuster last May at Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles.

In Disneyland California, spring will bring the opening of Fanatsy Faire, in Fantasyland, which will be dedicated to Disney heroes and heroines. At Disney World, Orlando, Fla., there will be a new attraction called Princess Fairytale Hall, where park guests can meet Disney princesses. Both parks are giving away weekly surprises for guests as part of their year-long 2013 program called Limited Time Magic.

Travel Trends 2013 – Hotel Booking

According to the executive editor of Smarter Travel, Anne Banas, with the ever-increasing cost of airline fees and airfares, travelers have been forced to focus on other big-ticket items in vacation spending, so it’s all about the hotel deals now. Adding that interest in hotel booking sites, membership-only sites and apps are skyrocketing.

As well, the vacation rental market is changing, with more owners letting people book for a weekend or a couple of nights rather than Sunday-to-Sunday.

Banas also says that sites like the Vacationist, ShiqueAway, and Jetsetter are becoming popular because you get luxurious properties for cheaper prices, but people have to be more flexible and take what’s offered.

Tingo, another site, automatically re-books hotel rooms at lower prices if the price drops, then provides a refund.

For the last-minute vacationers and those whose flights get canceled so they need a hotel room for the night; several new apps and websites offer hotel rooms that are highly discounted and can only be booked that night.

According to Jan Freitag of STR, a hotel data tracking firm, travel trends 2013 are leaning towards mobile apps as being the preferred travel booking tool, wherein some travel start-ups are foregoing sites for app-only hotel booking models.

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