Travel Space – Bookings At Quebec Agency

space travelCanadians wanting to travel space now have the option.

XCor Aerospace and Space Expedition Corp.  have signed an agreement  with Quebec travel agency Uniktour to offer space travel to people living in Quebec.

A deal similar to this is being worked out for the rest of Canada and will be announced soon in Toronto.

Philippe Bergeron, the president of Uniktour is already booked for a his flight in December, which may make him the first Canadian ever to experience it.

He said on Friday, “I can’t wait to see the black sky during the day and I can’t wait for see the curvature of the Earth and to be propelled by four rocket engines.”

His seat number is 15 globally and as it stands now, he should be the first person from Canada to experience suborbital flight – if the company XCor can fly first into outer space, which it is believed is a very possible.

Virgin Galactic, another company, is also taking reservations and wants to begin space tourism flights next year.

Bergeron is set to travel in the Lynx Mark 1 space plane, a pioneer that is still going through tests.

According to Bergeron, it is not far into the future when people can travel to Tokyo via a rocket-driven suborbital aircraft.

There are two packages being offered for space travel, and both include astronaut training and hotel stays.

The first package will cost $95,000 US, and will take space travelers around 60 kilometers above the Earth where they’ll  feel weightlessness for three to four minutes on a 45-minute flight.

The second tour package will be in the Mark II and will cost $100,000 US. It iwll last 60-minutes and the voyage will take them 100 kilometers above the Earth. Tourists will experience weightlessness for five to six minutes.

The Lynx shuttle, which leaves the Earth similar to how a commercial airliner does, hold one passenger, and the pilot.

to travel space, it will take off from spaceports in Curaçao, an island in the Caribbean north of Venezuela  and California’s Mojave Desert.


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