Top 4 Free Things To Do In Shanghai, China

Though Shanghai is an expensive place to visit in China compared to other cities, there are activities you can enjoy without having to empty your wallet. The financial hub of the country is quite famous for its fine dining and designer boutiques, but many travelers don’t know that Shanghai also offers free activities.
Here are 4 brilliant things you can do for free while visiting Shanghai:
Rise and shine with exercise on the Bund: One of the best ways to greet the sun in Shanghai is to wake up early morning and join thousands of people engaging in tai chi exercises on the Bund and in public parks. You may also get to see some ballroom dancing. The Bund is a great place to exercise and enjoy the beauty of the sun’s rays hitting the colonial façade. The river view is also stunning with skyscrapers and if you decide to come back in the evening, a cruise will provide a better view of the buildings if you prefer.
Visit the museum: The Shanghai museum is one of the best museums in the country, hosting more than 120,000 collections, and many of these pieces are considered as the nation’s most valuable artifacts. You can easily get caught up in the furniture, pottery, currency, jade and calligraphy, spending half or even an entire day exploring everything. The museum is located in Shanghai center near the People’s square, so it’s easy to spend time in the museum while visiting other attractions in the locality.
Go to the Old Chinese City: The old Chinese city may appear to some travelers mysterious because of its narrow winding alleys, but it’s entirely the opposite, and is worth a visit beyond the tours. The place shows the life of normal Chinese people who’re living on less income. You may also see a rare right of night workers on their morning rounds and run into a wet market. At least half a day is needed to explore the Old Chinese City.
Watch people: This activity can be done anywhere and is fascinating. You can learn more about the modern China by an hour of watching people; the best spots may be at Xintiandi, Bund Promenade, Nanjing Lu, or at People’s Square. The matchmaking market in People’s Park can also be an interesting place to visit and watch parents show up hoping to find matches for their single adult children.

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