Top 3 Travel Tech Gadgets For 2015

Frequent travelers see a wave of new gadgets released each year, but which ones are essential to them? The 2014 Consumer Reports survey of 1,044 US adults reveals that 94 percent of travelers bring electronic gadgets on vacation.
Whatever your destination or your mode of travel, gadgets can make your trip more productive and bearable. The following is a list of must-have gadgets you should be packing for most of your trips in the upcoming year:

Mophie Juice Pack
You can have the latest iPhone or the coolest laptop, but all your grand technology is useless once the battery runs out. With so many functions and processes active on these devices, a typical gadget battery can die within 12 hours. Luckily, portable chargers like Mophie Juice Pack will save the day. This portable charger holds enough juice to fully charge a smartphone and takes up similar space as your handset. It is built to be used in all kinds of travel environments with impact resistance. Water tight USB ports and rubber housing protects the charger against water damage.
Bluetooth selfieStickSelfie sticks may look a bit silly at first but they’re quite handy when you’re traveling in a group or standing in front of a celebrity and want to capture the moment. The Bluetooth selfie stick from mr mobile has a Bluetooth remote built into the stick handle, so pressing the shutter button when pointing the smartphone towards your smiling features does the job. The selfie stick works with most smartphones and features a tripod like universal screw, which lets the user attach action cameras and pocket. The adjustable thumb screw and ball head of Monopod enables multi-angle shooting, going up to 180 degree position.

Jawbone Mini Jambox
Traveling doesn’t mean you have to give up all your music. This speaker is small enough to carry in your pocket or purse, and it lets you mellow out music while you admire the view. If someone travelling with you also has the Mini Jambox, you can pair the two together for stereo sound.
The Jambox gives 10 hours of battery time, and brings along rich sound wherever you go. You can install the Jawbone app on your smartphone to enjoy one-touch access to all your stream and saved music. The Mini Jambox is also Bluetooth ready and supports EDR (Enhanced Data Rate).

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