The War Between Apple And Google Is Heating Up

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More than ever before Apple, the consumer-electronics powerhouse, finds itself in battle with Google, the online search giant – in cloud computing, smartphones, and the ongoing contest to win over the hearts and minds of the top software developers.

On Monday, Apple is expected to launch its new mapping application, which will challenge Google Maps as being one of the top-rated iPhone features. It will also reveal closer integration of its iCloud storage service and iPhone apps with all of the company’s other devices – the most recent insult in its war with Google’s Android smartphone software.

Apple might promote the newest changes to the voice interface, Siri, which the firm maintains separates it from the Android smartphones.

As well, there will probably be a new line of Mac laptops – underlining the leverage that a complete line of hardware products may bring to what is primarily a software battle with Google.

Carolina Milanesi, an analyst at Gartner Research thinks that Apple is trying to separate the firms mobile devices from Google’s by getting consumers more involved in Apple’s application ecosystem.

Waring in various battlefields, the rival companies use different weapons. Apple has a strong grip on its ecosystem – with its closely watched app store and seamless hardware integration – this is quite different from the free for all approach that Google uses.

The intentions of Apple to displace Google Maps with its own app is a powerful example of how the battle between the two companies is heating up.

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