The Secret To Justin Bieber’s Success

31 December 2010 – Justin Bieber dominated the American Music Awards by winning Artist of the Year, Breakthrough Artist, Favorite Male Artist and Favorite Album. That’s pretty impressive for a sixteen-year-old. But what is the secret behind his success, if such a thing exists?

Though one can say Justin Bieber is talented (and to some degree he is), that’s certainly not the spark behind his international success. The world is filled with talented people who amount to nothing.

His creativity is certainly not the key to his success. The titles of his albums (My World 1.0, My World 2.0 and My Worlds Acoustic) should give an indication as to the depth of his creativity. So what is his secret?

Justin Bieber perfectly represents a target mass sub-market that idolizes, adores, follows and buys into him. He is great at what he does for who he does it for. And who he does it for spends money or has the means to have money spent to get a piece of him (albums, paraphernalia, tickets, etc.).

That’s also the reason why people either love him or hate him. He’s either your ‘thing’ or he’s totally not. February 2011 will see the release of Never Say Never, a 3D Justin Bieber documentary in the cinema. That should put an end to one milestone in his career. His next challenge is growing up and taking his market with him. Will it be My World 3.0 or My New World 1.0?

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