The Axis Browser – Yahoo’s New Browser

On May 23 Yahoo announced that it’s moving into the browser market with its new Axis browser. The browser has iPhone and iPad versions, as well as plug-ins for desktop browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

According to Ethan Batraski, the head of product for the Search Innovation Group at Yahoo, the goal of the design was to wipe-out the middle step with the usual Internet search process – type in a query, review the results, go to the web page. With the Axis browser, you can go directly from your query to a web-page, by-passing the results page.

The idea that the new browser entirely eliminates the need to choose a page from the search results is untrue, but it does provide a better way to get from searching to visiting a website.

With Yahoo’s new browser, you do not see a search results page. Instead what you get 80% of the time, according to Batraski, is a horizontal display of Web-page thumbnails – the other 20% you will get text boxes containing results.

This makes it easy to see if any of the results are what your’e looking for, then you can go directly there. To go to other results or to see the tiles again, you pull the page down from the top. To move front wards or backwards in the list of results directly from where you are, drag your finger from the left or right to bypass the results list completely.

Although there is still a results page list, it looks better since it is integrated into Yahoo’s Axis browser. Advertisements will eventually be added to the search tile list, if the product is successful.

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