Sydney Australia – Five Essential Experiences

Opera House Sydney AustraliaIf you intend to travel to Sydney Australia, make sure to get a window seat, whether you fly at night, or during the day, its always breath taking. Australia’s best actors, architects, musicians and foodies flock to this ambitious, energetic marketplace, where anything goes, and generally does.

Top Five Places To Visit In Sydney

Harbour National Park – This unusual park offers a wide variety of experiences complete with a blissful view of the harbour. In this park, you can become separated from civilisation or be surrounded by traffic. It has secluded beaches, harbour islands, an ancient lighthouse, rock art, untouched headlands and, in the center, a historic cottage.

Opera House – Curvacious, striking, unique, and never disappointing. Seeing this recognisable building for the first time is usually an odd experience. Jorn Oberg Utzon’s Opera House can appear smaller or bigger than what you think it will be, depending on where you stand. Additionally, what goes on inside (concerts, theatre, dance) can be as interesting as its famous exterior.

The Rocks – The history of Australia’s convicts started here with a shanty town on a rocky shore. Its reputation lives on in its atmospheric lanes lined with historic buildings, with many of them operating as pubs.

Sydney Australia’s Eateries – Where you can eat to the beat of the city while you enjoy flavors of a multitude of cultures that live there. Sydney’s dining has never been more exciting, diverse or inventive.

Bondi Beach – An essential Sydney Australia experience. This beach offers lavish opportunities for relaxing on the sand, lingering in cafes and bars, splashing around in the shallows, swimming in sheltered pools, and surfing. After dark, the décor shifts to established Italian restaurants, bustling pubs and quirky wine bars.

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