Super Bowl 2013: Auto industry Using Comedy And Sex To Entice Ad Fanatics

Super Bowl 2013 Auto industry AdsDETROIT- Social media and the Internet have forever changed the way  companies advertise their business. The auto industry, is no exception.

A perfect example of the metamorphosis for the industry is the Super Bowl. Auto manufacturers now launch tones of social media propaganda, and teaser videos, weeks and months before their 30-second commercials run.

According to Bruce Vanden Bergh, a public relations and retailing professor at Michigan State University, specializing in Super Bowl advertisements, once the teams are picked, there is a two-week window to procure major awareness, publicity and promotion.

He said that auto makers were attempting to receive more bang for the buck, by releasing Facebook posts, teaser images, photos and tweets, about their Super Bowl ads.

2013 is costing advertisers around $4 millions for their 30-second ads. Which some consider to be money well spent.

Kia, Lincoln, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Toyota and Audi all released teasers for the ads. Automotive brands and companies are usually represented in about one ad for every six.

One of the main advertisers in 2012 was General Motors Co. – they are not expected to air a commercial during the  2013 Super Bowl – even released the entire commercial prior to the big event.

According to Vanden Bergh, it’s up to the advertiser to decide the platform they want to be used for their ad, and how they will spend their ad campaign money.

He said, “The old day of just putting an ad on there and having a passive consumer, that’s a bygone era.”

Some of the auto industry advertisers, including Lincoln and Audi, are using social media heavily to entice commercial fanatics to watch their ads.


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