Substance In Red Wine Provides Health Benefits To Cardiovascular Patients

There have been a lot of reports about the health benefits of drinking red wine. Some pointed out that red wine is a zinger, while others revealed the health community wants us to believe it’s good for health because we like to drink it.


However, two new studies reveal that a substance found in red wine does provide some health benefits, including prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The substance is called ‘resveratrol’.

One of the studies examined the difference in the health of people living in Germany and people living in France. Both countries consume a large amount of fatty foods, but those in France have less incidents of cardiovascular disease because they consume more red wine.

The substance resveratrol acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Researchers found that it attaches to a protein called ‘KSRP’, which is responsible for regulating inflammation. After the substance binds, the protein inhibits inflammation inside arteries, which can lead to cardiovascular disease.

Andrea Pautz, one of the study’s co-authors, said that the researchers more precisely know how resveratrol stops the formation of inflammatory factors that form cardiovascular diseases. The finding is important because recent research shows that cardiovascular diseases are promoted by inflammation inside the body.

The other study examined the effect of the substance on cancer. Drinking alcohol increases cancer risk; after the body metabolizes alcohol, it converts it into acetyl aldehyde, which causes damage in the DNA that causes cancer. However, people drinking red wine were at lower risk because of resveratrol, as the substance is not present in other alcohol drinks, and it can repair the DNA damage that leads to cancer.

Robert Sclafani, one of the authors of the study, said the more you drink, the more your body cells are at a risk of accumulating DNA damage that can cause cancer. Resveratrol will take out the cells causing the most damage; the cells with the highest probability of causing cancer. The outcome of the study is that drinking red wine is better than drinking other types of alcohol.

That said, red wine shouldn’t be taken as a cure-all drink. A study pointed out that resveratrol doesn’t have the same benefits as a healthy diet and exercise routine does. The study says that the chemical may reduce the health benefits gained from exercising. Experts recommend moderation when it comes to drinking red wine.

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