Stylish Handbags – A Way To Carry Your Laptop Or Tablet Around In Style

Stylish handbagThere are plenty of cool ways to lug around electronic gadgets nowadays without resorting to nylon computer bags, according to Heather Challoner the manager of The Tin Box.

One way is to find a fashion bag that can double as a computer carrier. Find a bag that closes with a sturdy zipper, flap or snap so your expensive electronics won’t be falling out all over the sidewalk. Find one with a durable strap and stable construction that will allow for the extra weight, preferably with numerous compartments to separate the various devices.

For a classic look Challoner suggests good material such as leather, because it is a good investment and looks classy.

A simply made, neutral-coloured, large bag will not only be able to hold electronics, it can also double as purse, so one can get away with only one bag rather than carrying a separate handbag or briefcase, Challoner added.

For people who prefer a funner look, they should seek out a more colourful, playful bag. A fashionable bag with a retro hippie feel can be found at Desigual.

Another popular hand bag line is sold at Jak’s from Montreal, which makes stylish, sturdy fabric bags in neutral prints and classic colours for those whose preference is non-leather or less-expensive. Their versatile bags work well from students to business women, Challoner adds.

A lot of women slip their tablets or laptops into a generic protective sleeve, then carry them around in a larger, more fashionable bag, says Challoner.



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