Please find below a list of the main writers for Authority Empire. You can contact any of them by using their first name and then

Greg Tarsch
Greg has many years of experience working in the cinema and nightclub industries. Entertainment is his life.

Hellen Stamos
Hellen is an experienced journalist and a loving mother of two girls. She enjoys good food and staying young.

Fred Wilder
Fred plays both the large and micro-cap markets and is passionate about anything to do with finance.

Chris Amos
Chris uses his  background and experience as a naturopath to research the health industry.

Mark Bastian
Mark has extensive experience as a globetrotting business analyst and successful entrepreneur. He shares his knowledge for fun.

Tran Ngo
Tran is a wired maniac. Although he doesn’t have any formal journalist training, his extensive knowledge on the Internet and everything related is fascinating.

Annie Wellman
Annie is in her thirties, single and loving it. She lives to travel and write about her discoveries.

Brian Morgan

Brian is a passionate car nut, who loves everything car related.  He enjoys writing and researching anything to do with cars old and new.

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