Separation Anxiety Among Students

Separation Anxiety
Separation Anxiety

With the fall bearing down, parents and teens get busy in the preparation to join a new college. They plan and pack things like clothes, books, bedding etc. Keeping up with the to-do lists meticulously, many parents forget to take into account the toll of separation anxiety that could come their way.

According to a clinical psychologist, Dr. Joseph Luciani, this transition phase from the child leaving for college and getting adjusted to the new environment in the first semester are very challenging for the parents and children alike. At this stage they suffer from separation anxiety and needs to be dealt with by an expert in some cases.

Luciani says the feeling of homesickness in the initial days is common and soon disappears as you start to make new friends and get busy with the college routine. Further he explains, anxiety is a state of mind where you presume things to go wrong by adding a phrase “What if”. Control your anticipation to minimize the separation anxiety.

He notes that this is the time for you being the child to come out of the dependent relationship with your parents. You will develop a more mature relationship with them with an enhanced respect. You can try out ways to drive away the insecure feeling of handling independent college life. But you should know everyone else is also sailing in the same boat, and they too are nervous just like you. You and your roommate will get out of this quickly like everyone else does.

This state of transition is significantly for the betterment of the student to mould themselves into the role of a responsible adult. Separation anxiety is a part of it and soon fades.

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