Samsung Beat Out Nokia As World’s Largest Smartphone Co.



Samsung became the world’s smartphone leader in 2012s first quarter, and overtook Nokia for the first time ever.

Apple, on the other hand, kept their position as the biggest manufacturer of smartphones. IHS, a market research firm, estimated that Samsung shipped around 92 million phones, while Nokia only shipped 83 million. Shipments for both Samsung and Nokia declined continually from 2011s fourth-quarter, but Samsung had it a little easier, with a 13% decrease, while Nokia was hit by a 27% decline.

Apple was the winner with 35 million smartphones for the quarter, according to the market research firm. Samsung came in second with 32 million, and Nokia came in third with 12 million phones, and RIM came in last with 11 million. Apple’s cell phone shipments fell only 5% from the fourth-quarter, with Samsung dropping 11% and Nokia 39%, and RIM 21%.

According to Wayne Lam, a senior analyst, it is clear that its continued investments in hardware for smartphones and R & D software, is starting to pay off, now that cellphones account for over 40% of Samsung’s revenue.

Lam also says that the company is not only making money with its market shift to cell phones, it is also taking over in other smartphone categories, which allows Samsung to capture the market lead overall. What makes the companies’ performance even more influential is that its latest Galaxy S III handset hasn’t been launched yet – shipments are expected to begin in May. This is an indicator that Samsung will likely make continued progress in 2012s market share.