Relaunch Of World’s Biggest Garden Tracking Community, the free online service that allows people to track, organize and share their garden progress, has just launched a massive redesign in time for the start of the Aussie gardening season. MyFolia is a unique global community of over 20,000 gardeners tracking the progress of their gardens through a logging system. Developed by two Australians currently living in the UK, the site is developed for gardeners everywhere in all climatic conditions.

MyFolia revolutionizes the way gardeners keep records of their garden. You can track every instance of every plant in your garden – so you can see at a glance when a plant was planted and when it is due for harvest. Every garden and plant can be tracked and documented using a fully featured, easy to use gardener journal. The journal features cross referencing to each of your plants and gardens, an “days planted” counter, automatic weather updates and facebook / twitter posting of your gardening activity.

It features a “seed stash” to allow you to list, sort and catalogue your seeds by name, source and more. The Stash also allows for linkage between seeds and their plants, forming complete linages of all your plantings – so you can see what seed came from which plant (and what plant came from which seed). To Do Lists can be created to remind you about tasks needing to be done for each plant and garden, and the Care Instructions Wiki allows everyone to contribute to and quickly access useful knowledge for each plant.

MyFolia encourages connections between gardeners with similar gardening situations so that they can share knowledge. For example, MyFolia will show you who else is currently growing Cabbage ‘January King’, so that you can compare plantings and share tips and ideas. Likewise, you can find all gardens within your own local neighborhood, country, or USDA Zone and see what plants are popular to grow in that area whilst discovering the people who garden there.

This is without a doubt a great tool for gardening enthusiasts and it’s free. You can’ go wrong with that.

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