Recent Study Dispells DIY Myth

Whilst many would equate DIY jobs with the man of the household, the results from a new study have revealed results to the contrary; with over two fifths of pregnant women claiming to have put together nursery furniture without the help of their partner.

The study looked into how women prepare for the impending birth of their child. 1,452 mothers subsequently took part, and were asked questions surrounding their preparations during pregnancy.

Women who took part in the study were initially asked, “Did you use DIY furniture to decorate your baby’s nursery (crib/ drawers/ wardrobe etc)?” with 78% of respondents replying “yes.” These women were then asked to stipulate who actually put the furniture together.

Just over two fifths, 41%, of these mothers stated that they built their child’s nursery furniture alone whilst pregnant; without the help of the baby’s father. Just one in ten, 12%, said that the baby’s father put the furniture together alone; with almost one in five, 17%, claiming to have had a friend or relative help them with the build. The remaining 30% stated that they built the furniture together with their baby’s father.

The 41% of mothers who claimed to have built the nursery furniture alone were asked to state why they did so. Just over a quarter, 26%, claimed that they were ‘bored’ whilst on maternity leave, and decided to get it done; whilst a further third, 31%, claimed to want to do it alone as part of the ‘nesting’ process. The majority however, 36%, admitted to building alone because “their partner was not getting it done.”

Of the mothers who took part in the study, 63% admitted to building their nursery furniture in their last trimester. Of these, two thirds explained that they did not want to decorate the nursery earlier due to ‘superstition.’ Only 4% admitted to building their nursery furniture in their first trimester.

Nesting is an important part of the pregnancy process. And, yes, many mothers find great comfort in the preparation and decoration of their baby’s nursery. The results do, however, put rest to the misconception that men are the chiefs of DIY in the home. Never underestimate what a mother can do, even if she’s heavily pregnant.

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