Quick Bursts Of Physical Activity As Good As A Workout

Quick Bursts Of Physical ActivityA new U.S. study suggests that quick bursts of physical activity, such as walking a flight of stairs, can be as good as a workout at the gym.

The study found that quick exercise bursts, from anything from quick walks to chores around the house, can lead to and maintain as healthy of a lifestyle as people who regularly go to the gym. This can also include pacing while on the phone or choosing a rake over a leaf blower.

Low impact exercise can assist in staving off disorders that can cause high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and high blood pressure, according to the Bellamire University professor, Paul Loprinzi and Oregon State University professor Brad Cardinal, who conducted the study. Loprinzi, the lead author noted that having an overall active lifestyle is similar to having a structured exercise regimen.

During the study, 6,000 people were surveyed nationally. It was discovered that 43 percent of those who participated in any physical activity or short bursts of exercise reached the min requirement of 30-minutes of exercise daily. While less than 10 percent of those who had longer exercise periods complied with that federal exercise requirement.

Cardinal, who co-authored the study who is a sport and exercise expert, that time is the most common enemy that those who want a healthier lifestyle have to face, however, adding in that extra movement to existing chores and activities is an easy answer to getting through that barrier.

Cardinal said, “We are designed by nature as beings who are supposed to move.”





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