Princess Diana’s Legacy Endures World-Wide

Princess DianaTribute to Princess Diana – The opening of Diana, A Celebration exhibit at West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton Alberta, Canada, is an opportunity to re-visit royal fascination. The Exhibit runs from Feb 9 – June 9.

There are few people who have been so publicly mourned, and eulogized  as Diana, Princess of Wales.

The arrival of the exhibit reminds one of the 20th century’s great icons – but is also a sad reminder of how the obsession of her private life contributed to her death at the age of 36 in a tunnel in Paris, while being chased by paparazzi.

The multi-room exhibit, will donate all the profits to the charity formed days after she was killed. While in spite of the humanitarian benefits created by her final circumstances, one can not escape thoughts about the crossed line between private and public lives, royal or not.

The major media attention given to the investigation of Richard  III’s mutilated skeleton buried beneath a parking lot led to discussions about how Princess Diana continues to occupy room in people’s hearts.

The white dress that the princess of Wales loved will be on display in the exhibit.

The way in which Diana died turned her boys into lions. William has taken active steps to stop compromising photos of himself and his wife Catherine in France. Both Harry and William are more assertive when they deal with the media than generations before them.

Princess Diana’s legacy especially lingers for people who do not want to believe the accident in the tunnel was an accident. That it was a conspiracy. However, all of the inquests into her untimely death have ruled that out.

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