Oscar Animators Hope To Be Taken Seriously

2013 Oscar AwardsBEVERLY HILLS, Calif.— In the film category for animated feature films at 2013’s Oscars there is a movie set in medieval Scotland, one based on characters from an old-school video game characters, one based heavily on British humor, while the last two got their inspiration from supernatural characters.

Not exactly kid stuff—and that is how the directors want it.

The director of the animated film “Brave,” Mark Andrews, said at an Academy Awards event on Thursday evening,  “I think this year with these films—and so many more—the envelope for animation is being pushed.” The event honoured the  nominees of animated feature films.

Andrews also said that he want to be one of those directors who pushes it more and more and more because it is an awesome medium, and there is so many stories left to tell.

“Brave,” which is set in Scotland is a dark fable created by Pixar will be facing off against the other four animated films on Sunday night’s 85th annual Academy Awards. This category was introduced in 2002, when “Shrek” won the trophy.

In spite of the less  light-hearted tone of 2013’s animated nominees, not one came close to being nominated for best picture – only three animated movies have ever won in this category at the Oscars: “Toy Story 3,” “Beauty and the Beast,” and ”Up.”

Other animated films nominated for an award at the Oscar’s are:  the undead tale “ParaNorman” from directors Chris Butler and Sam Fell, the English seafaring comedy “Pirates! Band of Misfits,” from director Peter Lord.

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