Online Degree Now Offered By Touro University Worldwide

Online Degree
Online Degree

Online programs for Master’s degree are set to start from the fall term of 2011 at Touro University Worldwide (TUW). Tuoro University Worldwide is the part of Touro College of Los Angeles and accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).

CEO and Senior Provost of TUW, Dr Bernard Luskin said, the university gives an opportunity to adult learners to add academic qualification to their professional growth. Their career can undergo smooth transition with the help of a master’s degree program.

Now with the online degree programs, students can take advantage of the university’s well structured courses with easy accessibility.

There are four degree programs offered at the university for which students from all over the world are enrolled. Each course comprises of three units and the next term is to start from October 31, 2011.New students from Canada, Los Angeles, New Mexico, New York and China are applying for different programs.

Adult learners can benefit from the face to face internship with the Marriage and Family Therapy program. The internships are conducted in the local environment.

The online MBA program is capable of reaching the American mainstream programs. Director of the online MBA program, Dr. Gregory Zerovnik says, TUW programs and courses are 21st century courses with the capability to tap 21st century opportunities. The university imparts quality education and defines the career options for working adults.

The online degree program of Media and Communications Psychology is popular course among the professionals of mass media, journalism and publications.

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