Obtaining British Citizenship Made Easier

For an applicant of the UK citizenship, the test is a very fundamental necessity to educate and assess himself before settling permanently in Britain.

The candidate has to be good in English. The knowledge in English of the candidate is evaluated throughout the test, and there is no separate test for it. So, it is a pre-requisite that the candidate has to be good in English if he/she wants to sit for the test. If the candidate does not have a very good command over the language, it is suggested that he takes the English language (ESOL) class. The other important requisite is, the candidate should be well-versed with the basic operations of the computer as this is mainly a computer-based test.

The official book for the test is “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. It is advisable to read this book thoroughly before appearing for the test.

The three types of questions in the test are:

1.   Single Answer Multiple Choice

2.   Multiple Answers Multiple Choice

3.   True/ False type questions.

Most of the questions are multiple choices from which the candidate has to mark the right one out of the four choices given. Some questions can have more than one answer. You have to mark all the right answers in them. There will be yet another type of questions: true or false. A statement will be placed, and it will be up to the candidate to decide whether the statement is true or false. Though it may sound easy, sometimes these true/false questions are trickier than the other types.

The Life in the UK Test is of 45 minutes and comprises of 24 questions. You have to at least get 18 correct answers to secure the 75% mark which is mandatory for passing the test.

To fare well in the British Citizenship Test, you have to learn a few techniques. Here are some of them put together for you:

*   Don’t panic if at first you feel that you don’t know the answer to the question. When you are attempting a multiple choice question, remember that the correct answer is already there between the four choices that are given. At first, try to assume the answer by yourself without looking at the given choices. After that, look at the answers and tick the one which comes nearest to your assumption. Always rely on yourself the most.

*   It is not at all possible to remember everything that you have studied for the exam. So, take a note of the most important chapters and parts while preparing for the British Citizenship Test itself. Prepare yourself regularly, and read about the important things of UK in small parts every day.

*   Read the questions carefully, and try to understand them before jumping into any conclusion.

*   Read all the choices that are given as answers for multiple choice questions. Don’t stop at the second or the third even if you feel that you have found the answer. You are there to decide the ‘best’ answer. Don’t just stop at only a good one.

*   Don’t waste your time on a particular question if you don’t know the answer. Remember, you have to answer all the questions within the time period given to you.

*   After you have completed answering all the other questions, come back to the one that was confusing. Use your common sense to answer it if you do not at all know the answer.

*   Don’t go on changing your answers if you are merely confused about them. Usually, we are right the first time, but we lead ourselves to confusion by pondering over the matter unnecessarily.

*   When you are leaving an answer and going to the next, take a note of it; otherwise, you may forget to come back to it again.

*   Don’t leave any answer blank. Use your common sense and rational thinking to answer it. Don’t make any wild guess only for the sake of answering it.

Read thoroughly the book “Life in the United Kingdom: A Journey to Citizenship”. This is the Bible of your citizenship test. There’s nothing more useful than regular and continuous practice. Solve sample questions and increase your efficiency through knowledge and practice, and you are sure to pass the test!

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Gives info on Life in the UK Test. Those who wants to settle down in UK, he/she needs to take the British Citizenship test and Should pass the test.

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