Mitt Romney Flip-Flops 4 Times On Health Care Reform

Health Care ReformOn NBC Sunday morning, Romney said that although he intends to repeal health care reform, he would leave provisions that ban insurers from discrimination based on pre-existing conditions. As well as make it a requirement that insurance company’s cover children until they are 26 years old, if they’re under a parent’s plan. 

However, as soon as his conservative overlords heard about it, Romney quickly did a 180 and says he is against insuring children until they’re 26 and does not want to help people with pre-existing medical conditions.

What Romney said precisely is that if he is elected president, he will remove health care from the 6.6 million children currently under their parent’s plans, and he will again let health insurance companies deny people suffering from pre-existing conditions.

Then last night, suddenly, Romney’s campaign amended their health care reform statement to suggest that they would preserve the language disallowing discrimination of insurance companies based on pre-existing medical conditions.

However, a re-read of the last statement clearly states that Romney will not be preserving this clause in health care reform. Suggesting he wants people to think he’s preserving it, but in reality, he isn’t.

Some feel that since Romney is worth, at a minimum, one-quarter of a billion dollars he’s not concerned with children losing their health care insurance, because he incessantly panders to the far right.

Some also see it as evidence that Romney doesn’t have any firm beliefs in anything, including health care reform. He only does or says whatever the highest bidder wants. 

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