Minecraft: How It Became An Xbox Best Seller



Minecraft, for Xbox, the long-established PC game which focuses on crafting and building was released on Xbox earlier in May – and the sales results may demonstrate that gamers aren’t only interested in killing things.

In the first day of its May 9 launch, the Minecraft Xbox 360 edition was downloaded to computers over 400,000 times, making it the fastest selling Live Arcade tile in Xbox’s history.

Mark Persson, a.k.a. Notch, Minecraft’s creator, tweeted that the game version made a profit in an hour.

Since its release, Minecraft has skyrocketed Xbox Live’s weekly activity report. The last data placed the game in second place, ahead of “Battlefield 3,” “Call of Duty: Black Ops,” and “Halo: Reach,” as well as “FIFA’12.” For now, the only game ahead of it is “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.”

These numbers are not surprising to players of the PC version of “Minecraft.” – when it was released in 2009, it became a phenomenon. Within the first 15 months, Mojan, the company built around Minecraft by Persson, had revenues of $80 million.

The game is not made by one of the leading gaming industry companies, but rather by Notch, who is an independent developer who experimented with an uncommon design, and tried a risky online business model while forging a new relationship with the gaming community.

The Xbox release catapolted the Minecraft game into the console generation and Notch has put the game’s further developments in the hands of Jens Bergensten, his colleague, while he is focusing on the development of a new space game, which he has tentatively named “0x10c”.

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