Men In Black Ambling Towards An $80 Million Holiday Weekend


Men in Black 3
Men in Black 3

Men In Black 3 starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin will be the movie that will dethrone The Avengers from its almost month-long reign at the box office.

Early tracking by the studio is aspiring to an $80 million minimum for the four-day weekend debut of the movie where Will Smith will play against a couple of Agent K versions; the younger role played by actor Josh Brolin and the older version, by veteran actor Tommy Lee Jones. The movie has already made $1.55 million off midnight viewings, and the positive feed-back is expected to drive ticket sales into the Memorial Day weekend.

The movie has a couple of things working for it, which is helping to set it apart from the first two sequels. To begin with, Sony is elaborating on the time-travel element with its marketing tag-line, “Back in Time.” Secondly, Brolin totally nails his younger impersonation of Jones in the advertisements causing people to talk about how great he’s going to be in the flick, before they even see it.

Additionally, Will Smith’s return to the summer box-office is working in its favor. It has been 4-years since Smith has been in a film since his appearance in Seven Pounds, released in December 2008 and his last summer box-office hit Hancock. Movie audiences love him in the summer and are showing their appreciation to Sony by opening their wallets.

Sony seems to be really happy with Men In Black 3 since they have teamed up with to offer pre-orders of Blu-ray and Bly-ray 3D versions of the film on the same day of its release.