Lindsay Lohan – A Diva On The Set Of Glee


Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Everyone is hoping Lindsay Lohan will make a comeback, but she is making it very hard.

Lohan 25 seems to be having trouble comprehending what she has to do in order to get her acting career, on the right track – know her lines, show-up when she’s supposed to, be professional and pleasant.

Lindsay already bombed horribly when she hosted “Saturday Night Live” and her latest guest appearance on the hit T.V. Show Glee didn’t get any better, according to a report on E News.

In true fashion, Lohan showed up really late,and a car had to be sent by the production company to the Chateau Marmont hotel where she was staying to bring her to the set, according to a source from the website.

According to one insider, she was a complete nightmare. She came to the set three hours late, and once she arrived; she acted as though she wanted to be somewhere else and didn’t want to work. She didn’t even attempt to memorize her parts from the script, and she continued to disappear so they couldn’t find her.

It was reported that at first she made a good impression when she filmed a long scene last week, but since then no one had any tolerance or time for her actions. According to an E source, some crew members gave her a nickname – “That Girl.”

If Lindsay Lohan really wants to be successful with a comeback, it is suggested that she buy a functioning alarm clock, or get an assistant able to get her to work on time.