Learning Languages Online With Skype

Learning a foreign language is all about practice. And what about convenience… in learning the language? Unfortunately, most traditional classes are just not practical anymore. Well, the rules of the game are changing.

Online language classes are a great way to get all of the benefits of one to one language training and tuition without any of the hassles of travelling, large class sizes or lack of an available language tutor.

Learning a language is all about real people engaging in real conversations, right? That’s where Verbalplanet.com comes in.

All lessons are completely interactive with a tutor lead approach focused on developing the learner’s verbal communication skills. Tutors and students can also share electronic materials and documents through Skype before, during or after the lesson.

“Learning over the web creates an interactive and immersive experience for a student that’s not possible with traditional self study methods. Online language lessons build confidence and help bring learning a language to life. A student that lacks confidence in their own ability will thrive under the guidance of an online language tutor.” says Andy Moore of Verbalplanet.com.

“One of the biggest benefits of online language courses is that distance is not a barrier to education and the internet can provide users with a truly unique experience. For example, using Verbalplanet.com anyone learning French can take online French lessons from the comfort of their own home with a private French tutor who may live in Paris.” Adds Moore.

Powered by skype, there are no longer any obstacles to speaking a foreign language properly in the convenience of your own space… wherever and whenever that may be.

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