Kohl’s Online Review

Are you looking for some good quality clothes and accessories? What if you were given a chance to purchase them online, sitting in the comfort of your home? Interested, then, you should check out the Kohl’s product range. You will find wonderful clothes, accessories, shoes, housewares, furniture, fine jewellery, toys, and much more over here. They also sell high-end brands, such as Adidas, Nike, Levi’s and New Balance, which are available at moderate and affordable prices. Other than these brands, they also sell products of their own brands. One of their popular products is the clothing brand, Sonoma, which are available for women, men and kids.
Place Orders through Kohls.com

This site is quite intuitive and user-friendly. Even though, it has a lot of links, leading to special deals, offers, sign-ups, and other things, it has a fantastic internal search feature, which works really well for all the brands. There is also a zoom feature, which can be used by rolling over the item, and it gives a microscopic view of each item. It is quite easy to navigate through the site, and to place orders, once the registration process is complete. You have a choice of going through the entire process as guest, but you might have to fill up all the information at the end of the online shopping.

Coupons, Offers, and Discounts

The marketing model of Kohls depends heavily on the continuous supply of discounts, coupons and sales. Even though, there has been some criticism about mark up on prices, just before the sale, it is not something which is surprising. The shoppers should have an idea about the real value of the product, and then, purchase the product. Whatever it is, the prices are still quite less, as compared to all the other sites.

Loyalty Programs

There are 2 types of programs for loyalty. One is the standard all-year loyalty program, which provides 1 point with $5 voucher, and can be redeemed once it reaches 100 points. This is quite an effective program, providing a cash back offer of 5%. Anybody can enrol for this program for free.

The other program is known as the Kohls cash, where the customers can keep earning Kohl’s cash, while purchasing particular products during online shopping. And, this cash is redeemable for other goods at the online store. For every expense of $50, one will get a $10 voucher, so it actually amounts to 20% cash back. The only catch with this program is that the vouchers have to be used within a specified time, which could be a month or more. The cash is delivered to the inbox, while ordering online, and can be redeemed online, as well.

Shipping within the United States

The prices do not include the shipping charges, but the coupons and promotions usually offer free or discounted shopping.

Shipping Internationally

The Kohl’s provide shipment of their goods internationally. Their international shipping is taken care of by Myus.com, which is the shopping consolidator. The order will be sent to Myus.com, which will forward it to the international address. So, the international customers will have to set an account up with Myus.com, as well, before they can start online shopping. This process for international shipping is a little cumbersome, as compared to the competitors, who provide direct shipping from their websites.

Information on Returns and Refunds

The returns policy adopted by Kohl’s is that of hassle-free and no-obligation, which implies that there is no restriction on the time limit, and there is no need for receipt, as well. With the help of coupons and the time of purchase, the home shoppers can make the returns, and get the refunds.

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