James Bond To Drive Aston Martin DB10 In Spectre

James Bond is heading back to the big screen in the upcoming year, and the new movie has a name: Spectre. Spectre (SPECTRE) is an abbreviation for the Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion, the global terrorist agency with a major role in James Bond stories.


New cast members include Dave Bautista (Mr Hinx), Christoph Waltz (Oberhauser), Monica Bellucci (Lucia Sciarra), Andrew Scott (Denbigh), and Lea Seydoux (Madeleine Swann). Returning cast members include Daniel Craig (James Bond), Naomie Harris (Moneypenny), Ralph Fiennes (M), Ben Whishaw (Q), and Rory Kinnear (Bill Tanner).

Also joining the cast is the brand new Aston Martin DB10.

Bond has driven several Aston Martin models over the years, but this one is different. It was designed specifically for the next James Bond installment, and there was also input from the director, Sam Mendes.

This will be the 10th time Bond will be driving an Aston Martin. The company is only making 10 cars, and none will be available for the public to purchase. There are no details about what will happen to the cars once the shooting wraps up. Daniel Craig revealed his plans for the DB10 in the movie:

“It is great, I haven’t wrecked this one yet but I will.”

Aston Martin said the car is going to be a glimpse to the future design direction for the new generation of Aston Martin cars. The first of the models are expected in 2016 and will be the successor to Aston Martin DB9.

Chief designer at Aston Martin Marek Reichman and his team worked with EON Productions (the studio responsible for James Bond movies) to capture a new form with different design cues and applied to a shape that has similar shape to the existing V8 Vantage, but the new model features different lines.

The DB10 is a descendant of the most iconic car used by Bond: the Aston Martin DB5, which Sean Connery drove 50 years ago for the first time in Goldfinger. The DB5 has appeared in six Bond films.

Moviegoers will be able to see all cast members and DB10 in action when the next Bond film makes hits the screens on November 6, 2015.

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