iPad 2, iPad 3 Facts, Fiction and Hype

iPad 2 or iPad 3 Release6 July 2011, US – Although rumors are spreading like wildfire about a new iPad 3 to be released as early as September along with the iPhone 5, they’re just that – rumors.

The jump from the first generation iPad to the iPad 2 saw considerable changes. Thinner, lighter and a significantly faster processor were just some of these changes. The iPad 2 is a different beast from the first gen iPad.

The launch of the iPad 2 earlier this year proved a phenomenal success. With sales expected in the second quarter at 10 million units and 16.5 million in the third quarter, there’s no logic to an iPad 3 launch later this year.

Parts manufacturers are said to have eliminated production bottlenecks and will deliver an additional 10 million iPad 2 units between June and July. iPad 3 on its way? I don’t think so.

Yes, there are rumors of an improved iPad 2 but not a new iPad beast. Trusted sources are talking about a screen resolution improvement and a possible name change to iPad 2 Plus (or something similar). iPad 3? Not necessary. Not in the very near future.

The iPad 2 has managed to capture an impressive 1% world market share of web browsing and 25% of mobile browsing in the US in just one year of availability.

The iPhone 5 will be here in October, maybe even September. As for the iPad, you can expect improvements to the iPad 2 soon but no iPad 3.

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  1. iPhone 6 Release Date   September 15, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Man, just renewed my contract. Guess I’ll have to wait for the iPhone 6.


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