Improved Online Profits With Pull Marketing

Pull marketing strategies online is all about being found by potential customers and drawing them towards you. Before the birth of Google in 1998, companies could only follow their customers online onto mass media sites with their offline identity. Post millennium, we saw the rise to dominance of the all powerful search engine and now, today, Web 2.0 and the takeover by social media, where former read-only platforms have been transformed into interactive, self publishing, content sharing channels across multiple platforms of engagement.

That’s not to say that cold-calling, print advertising, mass email marketing mailouts, trade shows and face to face networking are completely redundant. Simply, we all now have to operate a push or pull approach according to whether we’re online or offline.

However, we should be reminded also, that the emergence of a sophisticated array of software is forcing the issue by making the push techniques increasingly more redundant online, from spam filters to block mass emails and caller IDs to block cold calls.

Circulating company awareness offline by buying display ads in print publications is being overtaken by building brand identity online by publishing their own blog. Prospects are pulled, not pushed to subscribe and repeat visits. Cold calling is being replaced by hot  attraction!  People call themselves to search, inquire and engage at a website.

No more shotgun messaging into the unknown, instead it’s  pre-qualified, market niche customers magnetized to respond.

Impersonal pushy marketing is dead. If you’re looking for better online profits, pull marketing is the only real solution.

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