Hyundai Tops Automotive Rankings for Super Bowl Advertisements

Hyundai Tops Automotive RankingsConsumers ranked Hyundai’s ‘Team’ commercial fifth best of the Super Bowl during the YouTube Ad Blitz, as well as the best 30-second automotive advertisement.

According to Suzie Reider, the head of industry development at YouTube, this campaign is a celebration of the most engaging and creative Super Bowl ads. Allowing viewers to have a chance to chat about their favourite advertisements.

The winners of this year’s Blitz represents the advertisements that resonated with the most viewers, with millions of votes and views on YouTube.

With over 14.2 billion views total,  Hyundai’s Super Bowl advertisements have the fourth highest views on Youtube for an automotive manufacturer.

Additionally, Twitter, Facebook and Hyundai social channels are receiving post-game spikes with #pickyourteam used over 20,000 times and 15,000 new fans on Facebook.

According to TiVo, Team also ranked as the third most re-watched Super Bowl advertisement.  As well, it broke into the top ten on USA Today’s Ad Meter, and was named the top performing 30-second automotive advertisement overall.

About these records, Steve Shannon, the vice president of marketing for Hyundai Motor America said “This is a banner year for Hyundai.”

According to Shannon, this Super Bowl the automotive company had the highest increase of new fans. With its Twitter traffic at 24.1 million tweets during the Super Bowl. As well, sites like Facebook and YouTube continue to give consumers timely information on the latest trends. Shannon said, “It is more important for marketers to cut through the clutter and rise to the top.”


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