Hugo Chavez Back In Venezuela After Cancer Operation

Hugo Chavez Back In Venezuela After Cancer Operation Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela, has returned home following cancer treatments in Cuba.

In three tweets, Mr. Chavez, 58 thanked ex-leader and Cuban President , Fidel Castro and Raul.

As well, he thanked the people of Venezuela for supporting him and said that he would be continuing his cancer treatments in his home country.

Mr. Chavez has been Venezuela’s president for 14 years and in October of 2012 he was re-elected for another six-year term: however, his illness delayed his swearing-in.

Mr Chavez travelled to Havana Cuba for cancer surgery on December 11, his fourth operation in 18-months since he was first diagnosed in the middle of 2011.

Last week the public saw his images for the first time since his operation when they were broadcasted by the Venezuelan  government.

He was photographed laying in a bed reading the newspaper with his two daughters nearby.

He announced on Twitter to his 3.9 million followers that he had returned to Venezuela in a group of tweets that were long-winded in their tone, but lacking details.

“We have arrived back in the land of Venezuela. Thank you Lord!! Thanks to my beloved people!! We will continue our treatment here.”

There were no details given about why or when he returned, and no information about whether the president would actively return to his duties in office.

Rather, President Hugo Chavez, upon his return to Venezuela, thanked the leaders of Cuba and it’s citizens for their help and reinforced his confidence his in the doctors treating him.

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