How To Travel With Just A Carry-On

How To Travel With Just A Carry-OnWith increased security, ever-tightening baggage restrictions, and longer check-in times, many struggle to travel with the free spirit that should accompany traveling.

One way to lessen the stress of flying is to only travel with a carry-on when going for short trips, or for work.  There are restrictions and rules to follow, and it takes discipline, but this is how to pull it off:

Shoes: Take up the most space. Bring only a couple of pairs – one heeled, and one flat.

Remain neutral: Focus more on the length and shape of your clothes, rather than trying to co-ordinate colors. Choose neutral colors, or all black. By careful selection, you can take tights, pants, dresses, tunics, sweater-coats (in the winter), and a leather coat. These can be coordinated by layering to create multiple looks. A dress can mimic a tunic over pants with a leather coat.

Even for color lovers, the palette can be narrowed down so that less items can be interchanged to create a variety of looks.

Night to Day Accessories: A black dress worn during the day can transform into an evening dress with a change of a purse, or by adding a dramatic jewelry piece.

Take Travel Sizes: Many cosmetics and skincare companies have travel-sizes. This way you can take your favorites with you.

Pack a sweater coat: You can always wear it on to the plane so not to half to pack its bulk. Even if where you are going is warm, planes and airports can be cold. As well, it can double as a blanket.

Downsize your technology: Rather than packing a laptop, take an iPad or an iPad mini. Before packing heavy technology, think about what you need it for. Maybe you’ll only need Instagram on your phone instead of lugging your DSLR and its many lenses.

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