Hot New Sci-Fi Film

Dawna Lee Heising, producer and host of “Eye on Entertainment,” has announced that the show’s latest segment is entirely devoted to the new science fiction film, “Enemy Mind.”  The film is rapidly obtaining cult status for plot creativity, character development and cinematography, having been shot entirely on location in and around California’s Coachella Valley on a very limited budget.

During the EOE segment, which was taped at the Time Warner studios in Costa Mesa, Calif., Heising and Public Relations guru Stanley Goodrich interview Brian Delizareaux and Xu Razer, the creative geniuses behind “Enemy Mind.”  The two also star in the film, along with renowned Oscar-winning actor, Ernest Borgnine, who was recently named a recipient of the Screen Actor’s Guild Lifetime Achievement Award.

Delizareaux and Razer revealed that “Enemy Mind,” which was scripted by Brennan Reed, was produced on a budget of only $9,000, the greater portion going towards Ernest Borgnine’s salary.  However, the two told Heising that Borgnine, still vital and exuberant at the age of 93, could have commanded a higher fee, but accepted the lower amount due to his strong ethic of encouraging younger film makers.

While “Enemy Mind” is available for viewing today, the film’s official premiere is scheduled for November 28 at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs, Calif., at which time it will be shown at no cost.  The film is also scheduled for showing at the Athens International Sci-Fi and Fantasy Film Festival in 2011.

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