Google Catches Bing Being Stupid

2 February 2011, US – Why do Internet users prefer one search engine over another? Why Google and not Yahoo, Bing, Ask or any other?  What is it about Google that makes them totally dominate the U.S. search engine market share at more than 72% control?

There are many factors that have led to Google’s domination of the search market both in the US and most other markets in the world. Strategic business vision is certainly a key element.

Yahoo, once the all-powerful leader, has been reduced to less than 15% market share and CEO Carol Bartz has been busy trying to pull them out of the downward spiral. Things are not looking good for Yahoo but at least they’re trying.

Bing has decided not to question how they can offer a competitive advantage over Google or any other search engine. Why fight the competition when they can be lazy-stupid and copy Google! This is what Google engineers have confirmed through various tests.

Google created some 100 nonsensical searches like “hiybbprqag” with a corresponding fake result. And guess what? These same made-up searches appeared on Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

Needless to say, Microsoft denied Google’s factual-based, tested and proven claims. Like a child caught red-handed doing something they shouldn’t be doing, Microsoft accused Google of doing spy-tests.

Internet marketer and Google insider Amit Singhal declared it was “plain and simply cheating” and detailed the findings in a long post at SearchEngineLand.

The experiments were initiated due to the suspicious fact that Bing was replicating Google’s own misspelled word queries.

What’s Microsoft to do? Maybe they should work harder to give Internet users a real reason for preferring Bing and actually work on it. Maybe they should have a superior strategic vision. Maybe they should stop acting stupid and figure out how to be a real player.

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