Fugative Ex-Cop Might Have Gotten Help Fleeing to Mexico

Fugitive ex-copFugitive ex-cop from Los Angeles, Christopher Dorner, who is facing murder charges might have received outside help to flee to Mexico in the middle of a massive manhunt for him.

Federal documents received by the Los Angeles Times indicated how officials developed “probable cause” that fugitive Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, was maybe  trying to get to Mexico and give new details on his actions after he allegedly killed three people, including a cop, in a shooting on Feb. 3 shooting that started in Irvine.

Dorner might have received aide by an associate called “JY” in a criminal complaint filed in United States District Court in Los Angeles last week after he  evaded authorities. The times was told on Monday by Federal authorities that the court documents reflected their thoughts at the time, but they strongly stressed that the ex-police officer could be anywhere.

Additionally on Monday, Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach filed charges — which have the potential to result in the death penalty — against Dorner for the murder of  police Officer Michael Crain and the attempted murder of three other police officers. Zellerbach said that he believes Dorner has not completed  his vendetta.

At a news conference, Zellerbach, said that by Dorner’s conduct and words, he made the point very clear that all law enforcement officers in Southern California are in danger of being killed. During his speech the District Attorney was guarded by four armed officers.

Dorner, the fugitive ex-cop wrote a lengthy manifesto posted on Facebook following the double murder, where he vowed deadly revenge of LAPD officers responsible for him getting fired years earlier, along with their families. Currently, the police are protecting 50 families thought to be he is targets.

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