First Human Bionic Eye Awaiting Approval From The FDA

Human Bionic EyeThe blind may see again soon as science is preparing to market a human bionic eye.

Scientists are ready to implement years of study to give sight to the blind, provided a new high-tech cyborg eye is approved by the FDA.

In January of 2013, the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System by California developer Second Sight, was supposed to be approved by the Food and Drug administration, now those in the living in the United States who would qualify for the eye wait with bated breath as February comes along.

An innovative type of technology, the Argus II was approved in Europe in 2011 and the device is the accumulation of 20-years of research into the deeply complex and delicate sight organ.

The eye wear and implant will be beneficial to patients with an inherited type of degenerative blindness that attacks and kills the retina, and affects around 3,000 people in the United States.

Those who suffer from the disease, have a gradual generation of the retina and loss of sight that will eventually lead to blindness.

By placing a group of electrodes inside of the eye, the Argus II bionic human eye will transmit information about darkness and light, for example, to the brain and make up for the failing retina.

The second component to the Argus II is the headset.

Bionic eye patients wear glasses with cameras that transmit data telling them what is in front of them to a tiny wearable computer. The information is then transmitted wirelessly to the eye implant which sends a group of electrical impulses to the brain, making it possible for the patient to eventually learn how to interpret it as dark, light and shapes.




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