Fireworks Truck Explodes On Bridge In China

Fireworks Truck ExplodesHONG KONG — A truck full of  fireworks blew up on an elevated expressway in China Friday, unleashing a fiery blast on Friday that overturned vehicles 30-yards, hitting the ground, and killed at least nine people, according to a state news report.

According to a website called Dahe Dailz, a newspaper in Henan, The fireworks truck was driving close to Sanmenxia in Henan Province in fog, when it erupted, blowing off part of  the Yichang Bridge. In the article, the paper quoted rescue officials located at the crash site.  Earlier, officials raised the chance that a bridge collapse may have set off the explosion.

Fireworks are a Chinese tradition for the nation’s traditional Lunar New Year celebrations – that began Feb. 9 –  and the fireworks explosion reminded many of the dangers of goods on the move and the crush of people related to the holiday.

According to China Central Television, one witness who was hurt in the explosion said that prior to the fire, traffic was at a standstill on the expressway because a lot of vehicles had crashed into each other.

The deadly accident and bridge collapse might also rekindle questions regarding China’s transportation infrastructure, which has grown at a steady pace in recent years.

In August of 2012, a 330-foot-long section of a bridge collapsed and fell 100 feet, and took four trucks along with it, causing three deaths. According to a Xinhua report, that accident was the 6th major bridge to collapse in China since July of 2011.

After the fireworks truck exploded police officials urged the  Ministry of Public Security to tighten controls on the transportation of fireworks.




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