Fingerhut – The Ideal Online Store for Shoppers Who Want to Repair Their Credit

Fingerhut, a popular online catalog, has built a strong, loyal following of shoppers. Not only because of their quality products ranging from home furnishings to video games, to automotive items, and stuff for babies and kids; Fingerhut also helps shoppers improve their credit rating.

Every year since Fingerhut opened its doors in 1948, they have built up their inventory of product offerings to include items such as appliances, jewelry, bedding, and much more.

To keep up with other stores like Amazon, they also offer specials and exceptional seasonal deals during the holidays and Black Friday.

Fingerhut vs. Larger Online Stores

Similar to their larger competitors, Fingerhut is popular with shoppers because of their quality of products, and excellent customer service. However, where Fingerhut differs is with their credit opportunities, and how the company treats shoppers – no shopper is turned away.

How Fingerhut’s Credit Works

How the website set up their credit opportunities is what makes it ideal for shoppers who are short on cash such as college students; as well as those who want to repair their bad credit score.
Below we’ll look at the two credit options offered by Fingerhut.

1. WebBank/Fingerhut Advantage Credit Account (Revolving Credit Account)

This credit option works like a regular retail credit card. You can make purchases as often as you like with the card, as long as you keep up with your payments. However, to qualify, you need a good credit score.
Knowing that some consumers need to repair their credit score Fingerhut has a program allowing them to do just that.

2. WebBank/Fingerhut Fresh Start Credit Account (Installment Loan)

If a consumer doesn’t quality for the first credit card because they don’t have credit, or they have bad credit, they can apply for this installment loan. Each payment they make is reported to the credit bureau, thus allowing them to repair their credit.

How the Fresh Start Installment Loan Works:

• Shoppers start with a one-time purchase between $50 and their allowable credit limit. They can choose any products they like in their price range.
• A $30 down payment is made when the order is placed.
• Shoppers can pay off the balance in six or eight easy monthly payments. But, they can pay it off faster, if they want to.
• Once the balance is paid, and if each payment was made in full, and on time, shoppers are rewarded and can graduate to the revolving credit card – with a higher spending limit.

What Shoppers Have to Say About Fingerhut’s Installment Loan

On the Viewpoint review website, one shopper had this to say:
‘Many years ago I started my credit history with Fingerhut and they were so easy to work with. I think they are a great company to get started with not to mention you can acquire some really nice things by doing so.”

On Credit Karma a Fingerhut shopper for three years said that he finds the service excellent, they honor time frames, customer service has helped whenever needed, and their products are top rate.

With respect to the credit repair aspect he said, “Fingerhut is an excellent opportunity to build your credit IF you take responsibility for your purchases and stay on top of them.”

If you like to shop online and like good quality products from a company you can trust, check out Fingerhut. If you have bad credit you can take advantage of their installment loan credit option and build, or rebuild, your credit.

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