Explosion At Pemex In Mexico City Kills Dozens

Explosion At Pemex In Mexico CityAn explosion at Pemex in Mexico City killed over 30 people and left at least 100 others injured.

Hundreds of soldiers, police and firefighters, aided by dogs are currentlz digging through the rubble following the blast in 54-floor tower left office furniture, concrete, and computers strewn on the ground.

The director of Pemex   Emilio Lozoya Austin said 12 men and 20 women in the blaze while 52 others are still in the hospital.

As experts were investigating the tragedy, Mr. Austin refused to answer any questions in regard to if an attack was the reason, saying: “we won’t speculate, we won’t get ahead of ourselves.”

One theory is that a gas boiler exploded in a building beside the tower.

According to survivors, it was an earthquake-like rumble that shattered windows, while it shook floors.

The ground floor and mezzanine were heavily damaged by the blast and according to witnesses, a roof that connected the annex to the tower had collapsed.

Isaac Oxenhaut, the Mexican Red Cross national coordinator said that rescuers will go over the blast site  centimetre by centimetre until they’re certain that no one is left there.

Thousands of Mexico City citizens work in the complex; however, officials claimed that the area hit by the explosion has four levels where 200 – 250 employees worked.

Six or more ambulances were called to the scene in case people were located while the police re-opened traffic partially on the very busy avenue in front of the building.

According to a marine, the rescue dogs hadn’t found anyone in the rubble of the explosion at Pemex in Mexico City.


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