European Union Budget Cut Perfect Result for Cameron

European Union Budget Cut Perfect Result for CameronThe European Union budget cut will ensure that Prime Minister Cameron will receive a warm reception from the Tory MPs when he does his report on achieving his goal to receive a first cut in the budget worked out in Brussels.

Driven by abundant cups of coffee from a new Nespresso machine, UK prime minister David Cameron got a first cut from Brussels as he emerged from an all-night European Union summit.

Looking only a little tired after spending 25 and a half hours on the go – with a two-hour break to freshen up at 1o am Friday -Prime Minister Cameron shared his accomplishment in negotiating the first ever cut in an European Union budget.

Cameron said prior to leaving with his wife Sam to go home, “The British public can be proud that we have cut the seven-year credit-card limit for the EU for the first time ever.”

On Monday Cameron will get a warm and fuzzy reception from his MPs when he reports to them about his success in acquiring his aim to get a real-terms freeze in the EU’s near-€1tn (£845bn) budget, or a cut. Although his puffy and red cheeks revealed signs of a grueling experience in Brussels, it is hard to think of a more fitting outcome or better timing for the prime minister.

Prime Minister Cameron has demonstrated that Britain is capable of shaping events. He feels that the summit reveals the wisdom of his three calculations about the European Union: that the British should never minimize its capacity to be a major player.

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