European Travel Hindered By Austerity Protests

European travel hinderedEuropean travel was hindered this week when violence broke out as strikes and demonstrations over austerity measures and rising unemployment took place on Wednesday, in Europe.

Portuguese and Spanish workers staged a general strike across the Iberian Peninsula, that shut down transport, flights and closed schools to protest tax hikes and spending cuts.

International rail services were hindered by strikes in Greece and Belgium. France, and Italy planned demonstrations and work stoppages as part of what they call, a “European Day of Action and Solidarity.”

Hundreds of airline flights, including ones between connection hubs like Amsterdam Schiphol, Paris Charles de Gaulle, and London Heathrow with southern Europe, were also canceled.

Over 60 people were arrested in Spain, and 34 were injured;18 of them were security officials. According to witnesses, Riot police arrested at least two of the protesters in Madrid and hit others with batons.

Cash machines were jammed with coins and glue by protesters. They also plastered shop windows with anti-government stickers.

In Italy, students bombarded police with rocks to protest Rome’s money-saving plans for its school system.

In Greece, protesters that work for the state, held banners, which read that “Enough is Enough,” and they rallied on numerous squares in central Athens.

In Spain, passion intensified after a Spanish woman jumped from her apartment and died as bailiffs were attempting to evict her because her bank foreclosed on a loan last week.

Due to the current European travel situation, it has been advised that travelers should deter or be very careful when traveling to Europe until the protester situation has run its course.

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