Email Hacker Unveils Bush Family Photos And Addresses

President BushThe Secret Service is currently investigating the hacking of email accounts that belonged to Bush family members that revealed addresses, phone numbers, correspondence, and a photograph of a self-portrait that was painted by former President George W. Bush while standing in a shower.

A post located on the Smoking Gun website, stated that the pilfered emails revealed a rare look into the lives of one of America’s most strong political dynasties. The Bush family is only the second family in American history to have both a father and a son live in the White House.

According to the website,  a hacker named, Guccifer hacked the said email accounts and posted the photographs on the Internet. The photos included one of former George H.W. Bush, who was recently released from a hospital in Houston following weeks of treatment for bronchitis and related illness, laying in a hospital bed.

Another picture was of the elder Bush, 88, standing outside a house with Bill Clinton, the president between him and his son.

The hacked photographs also included a portrait painted by George W. Bush of himself in the shower. It reveals a man with gray hair, naked from the waist up, with the viewer who has Bush-like features seen from a shaving mirror’s reflection. Another painting reveals a pair of legs in a bathtub.

The Smoking Gun website, famous for posting celebrity arrest records and legal documents, said that the email hacker got into six accounts, including that of George H.W. Bushes daughter, Dorothy Bush Koch, and other friends and family members.


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